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When you have performance, reliability and efficiency in mind for your project, laser cutting is the right option for you. At SG Steel Services Co., we offer state-of-the-art stainless steel laser cutting technology designed for precision and quality in all applications.

Mazak Laser
Configurations of the OPTIPLEX 3015 CO2 include two pallet flying optics designs, which are perfect for high-speed, thinner applications, with capabilities in hot-rolled, aluminum and stainless. For high-volume production environments but boasting the flexibility of a small-batch, high-variation job shop operation, Mazak gives you a cost-effective solution with a straightforward interface. Click here for more info.

By combining smart automation and superior cutting speeds, our laser can process materials up to 1 inch, meaning that your needs can be met quickly and effectively.

To learn more about laser cutting, contact SG Steel Services Co. today at 800-278-4774.

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